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Deep Nail Polish Remover

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Remove your nail polish with zero efforts from the Clamy Nail Polish Remover. Just dip and twist your fingers into this dispenser and your nail polish will be removed leaving your fingers with a bright and clean shine. Clamy Nail Polish Remover is formulated by the best to get rid of your old and unwanted nail polish colour in the easiest way. Nail polish remover dip works with ease removing the nail paint without any cotton pads or liquid application. The mild and soothing liquid of the nail polish remover helps in avoiding the over-drying of nails. Try to experience the new era remover. Keeping the hands quite mild and clearing the unwanted nail polish you will be ready to apply a new nail paint of your choice. Clamy Nail Polish Remover is available in 4 colour variants of yellow, blue, red and purple. The special features in this nail polish remover are its instant dip and twist feature, removing nail polish within a few seconds, special formula for avoiding the nails from drying, handy light-weight and travel-friendly bottle to be your backpack companion. It is perfect for cleansing nail polishes like gel polish, glitter polish, mirror nail polish and polish strips.

• Removes Nail Polish Without need for a cotton Pad

• Dip & Twist

• No Mess, Hassle Free

• Leaves nails with bright & filky shine

• Easy to remove nail paint

• Remove nail paint in seconds

• Safe for the nails

• Product Color/Shades may slightly vary

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